delete the udacity account

How to Delete the Udacity Account?

Udacity is an online education organization to get online-paid courses. They provide facilities to enroll in Udemy, Coursera, or others. If you don’t want to use Udacity, you can quickly delete your account. Take a look at this article to delete the Udacity account. Deletion of the Udacity account is permanent, and it cannot be…

delete the Scribd account

How to Delete the Scribd Account?

Scribd is an American e-book service, a digital library to access unlimited books, audiobooks, magazines, articles, and more. Over time, people want to leave Scribd. Deleting your account is easy, like creating your account. If you are one of them to delete the Scribd account, feel free to read through this article. Here we will…

delete a Shutterfly account

How to Delete a Shutterfly Account?

Are you tired of using the Shutterfly account, and do you wish to delete your account? In this case, don’t bother. Here you can find a way to delete a Shutterfly account. Shutterfly is one of the popular image publishing and customizing website. It allows its users to upload pictures on the server and customize…

Delete the Odnoklassniki (OK.RU) Account

How to Delete the Odnoklassniki (OK.RU) Account?

Odnoklassniki, shortly called OK.RU (Russian: Одноклассники, English: Classmates), is the Russian-made application alternative to the Facebook application. Features of OK.RU are making new friends and finding out old ones, sharing media files with millions of people through a social network, group chats, free stickers, and many more. While talking about the social media platform, Facebook,…

Delete an ICQ Account

How to Delete an ICQ Account?

I Seek You, shortly called ICQ, is a messaging program that helps you communicate. You can add friends, upload pictures, transfer or receive files, send and receive text or voice messages, and live chat with friends. Deleting an account in today’s time is like something of a minefield. Much personal information has been exposed online….

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