How to Create a 1Password Account?

TL;DR: You will be able to create a 1Password account with the help of this tutorial.

Do you want to quickly login to your accounts? Or do you find it hard to remember the password each time you try to log in? Sometimes you forget your password and wish to have some autofill option so that you don’t have to type your login credentials yourself. Well, if you’re suffering from these problems, no need to worry because we have the best solution for you. Nowadays you don’t know what type of apps, software, or websites you have to use. And for this, you’ve to open an account and create passwords. Thus, remembering passwords for that account is very troublesome. Passwords are very necessary to authenticate anywhere on the internet, that’s why you might want to store them somewhere safe.

It is a very hard task to come up with new, unique, and strong passwords all the time. You may have several accounts with different passwords and recalling them every second you try to open your account is exhausting. Nevertheless, there is only one way you can constantly safeguard your passwords, i.e., using Password Managers. As we’re going through this technological time, different new creations have been made be it internet, mobile device, or computer. With this innovation, we’re blessed enough to have an online password manager for managing passwords and maintaining data security.

A password manager is a private vault that will securely store passwords, autofill the login credentials, generate strong and unique passwords and manage them. It also saves and safeguards your sensitive information like a credit card, debit card information, and online banking information by maintaining tight password security. You can quickly access accounts and apps on your mobile device, websites, and other services with password managers. Similarly, remember to use a different password for your different accounts. With rising security concerns and cybercrimes, you need to have strong passwords that no one can easily hack.

You can find so many password managers on this date that may lead you to confusion on what to choose and which one will better suit your need. So, we’ve come up with one recommendation, i.e., 1Password. 1Password offers a password managing service like it is named, but also have an interesting and extra feature that stands out among its competitor. One of such features is Emergency Kit, which contains your secret key and login information and helps you if you get locked out of your account. The other feature Travel mode will allow you to remove sensitive data from your devices and restore them whenever you need them. Moreover, you can enjoy a wide range of extra features and has the best encryption methods, two-way authentication, AES-256-bit encryption, and a zero-knowledge policy. So, don’t think too much, just grab the opportunity and create a 1Password account.

Wish to know more about 1Password? Please keep reading till the end of this article to see the benefits of 1Password and the method to create a 1Password account.

What is 1Password Account and What are the Benefits of Using it?

1Password is just like other password managers that offer an easy way to secure, store, and use strong passwords. 1Password will help you automatically fill in passwords whenever you try to log in to the sites. It provides a pretty good price than other password managers and is also easy to use. Moreover, users can enjoy a wide range of extra features and have the best encryption methods, two-way authentication, AES-256-bit encryption, and a zero-knowledge policy. You can securely store your credit card, debit card, and online banking information with the help of 1Password. Likewise, you can remove sensitive data from your devices when you travel abroad and restore them with just one click when you arrive.

create a 1Password account

1Password does provide similar services to other password managers, but there are some additional features that you might not know about. One interesting feature of 1Password is its travel mode. If you’re a frequent traveler, then this feature might be beneficial for you, because as soon as you turn on travel mode, it will remove sensitive data from your devices, and with one click you can restore them back. You can restore 365 days of item history or delete the password. 1Password Watchtower will alert you if you visit compromised websites and for vulnerable passwords so that you can take action immediately to stay secure. Not only this, 1Password provides you an unlimited password, items, and 1GB of document storage with 24/7 customer service.

Likewise, you can securely store your sensitive data and information with the help of advanced encryption like others. The next important thing is that 1Password gives you an emergency kit that you can download and keep somewhere safe. Emergency Kit contains a Secret Key (which cannot be accessed or recovered if you lose it) which helps you if you get locked out of your account. It also offers you a two-factor authentication for extra layer protection. Last but not the least, it supports all devices or OS, and apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Now, let’s look at some of the methods to create a 1Password Account.

How to Create a 1Password Account?

Like you’ve explored the benefits of using a 1Password account in the above paragraph, it would be great if you try out this password manager. So, if you’re sure then the first thing you must do is to create a 1Password account. Creating an account is not that hard as you just have to follow the below-given steps.

Generally, you can create a 1Password account by the methods mentioned below, i.e., from the official website of the 1Password, and use the 1Password application. You can use either your desktop, laptop, or smartphone to access the websites, whereas you can sign up using its Windows, macOS, Linux, Apple, or Android apps. Here, we’ll look at the steps by step process to create a 1Password account from the website.

Create a 1Password Account via 1Password Website

You can use your desktop, laptop, or mobile device to create a 1Password account from this method. Remember to use a modern web browser and a good internet connection for this. Here, we’ve used Windows to sign up. Now, see the steps or instructions given below:

  1. Visit the 1Password website on any modern web browser from your device.
  2. Click on the button Try 1Password FREE from the top-right corner of the page.try 1Password for free
  3. You’ll have to choose one of the subscription plans among Personal & Family and Team & Business as shown in the figure.choose a plan-1Password
  4. Then, the signup page will appear. Enter your Name and Email address.enter name email address-1password
  5. Click on the button Create Account.create a 1Password account
  6. After that, you’ll get an email for verification. Enter the Verification Code from that email and click on Next.enter verification code-1Password
  7. Now, you’ll be prompted to create and confirm your Password. So, set a strong Password as it is the main key to open your vault and tap on Next.enter password to create a 1Password account
  8. You’ll be directed to Add a Card on the next page. So, enter your Card Number, Expiration date, Security Code, and Country/Region, and click on Subscribe and Create Account. Or you can add your card details later and skip this part click on the button Create an account and add a card later.create a 1Password account and add acrd later
  9. You’ve created your 1Password account and you’ll be directed to save your Emergency Kit. Download the Kit and keep it 1Password emergency kit
  10. Now, your 1Password vault will open up and it looks as shown in the figure below.1Password vault

Note: You can use any of your devices to use 1Pasword. You can download and install the 1Password Password Manager app on your desktop and mobile apps. After that, log in to your account and start using it to organize your passwords. Also, add the browser extension for easy access to your account whenever you try to log in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 1Password Account

Is 1Password free?

Unfortunately, 1Password does not offer you free service like other password managers. But you can try out its free trial version for a better preview of its features.

How long is 1Password free trial?

1Password password manager provides 14 days of free trials and during this time you can look at its features, and protect your passwords, and sensitive information. However, you can purchase its subscription plan if you like its features.

How much does 1Password cost?

1Password offers you an annual subscription plan for personal or family accounts, and team/business accounts. You’ll have to pay $35.88 per year, i.e., around $2.99 per month for a personal plan. Likewise, you should pay $59.88 per year, i.e., around $4.99 per month for a family plan. Taking a subscription plan allows you to store an unlimited number of passwords and sync them across an unlimited number of devices. Please visit here to know the cost for the team/business plan.

How many devices can I use 1Password on?

There is no limit to the number of computers and devices you can use 1Password on. With a 1Password membership, you can access all your passwords and other items from any of your devices, whether you’re online or offline. Apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux are all included. Moreover, with a team/business plan, you can invite up to 5 guests for limited sharing.

Can I share my 1Password with my family?

Yes, you can securely share anything in your 1Password vault with anyone even with who doesn’t use 1Password. Your family account includes a vault called Shared that’s available to everyone you’ve invited. To share items with individual family members, create a new vault and share it with only the people who need access. If you want to learn more about sharing 1Password items, then visit here.

Can I add my family member to my 1Password account?

Yes, you can add and remove your family members to your 1Password account. You can do so by inviting them via email. To know how to add your family, please go through this link

Does 1Password support all devices?

1Password supports almost all devices. You can use 1Password on all major desktop and mobile operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android. You can use the 1Password website and application.

Hence, follow the above easy methods to create a 1Password account by using the 1Password website on your desktop, Android, or iPhone, and you can create an account using the 1Password app too. Also, see the benefits and FAQs to know more about the 1Password account. Thus, we hope this article has helped you till the end.

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