How to Create Bitwarden Account?

Are you having difficulty while logging to your accounts because you forget your passwords? Or do you wish someone to fill up passwords whenever you login to your accounts. Well, in case if you’re dealing with similar situation then, you don’t have to worry, because we have a perfect solution for you. Nowadays, passwords are the most required form of authentication everywhere on the internet. Perhaps, you may already know that you should have a strong, unique password for every online account you have.

You may find it hard to think of new, strong, and unique passwords for each and every account you’ve created. Also, you might not remember all of them and it is dangerous to use same passwords for multiple accounts. Even if you manage to create different passwords, it will be hard to manage it all. However, there is one way you can constantly safeguard your passwords, i.e., Password Manager. Password manager helps you to securely store the passwords, automatically generate strong and unique passwords, and manage them. It also helps you seamlessly oversee and handle all of your login credentials for any online account, and maintain tight password security.

As we’re aware that, password manager is an encrypted digital vault to stores password and login information securely that you use to access apps and accounts on your mobile device, websites and other services. Likewise, to keep your identity, credentials, and sensitive data safe, the best password managers must have a password generator to create strong, unique passwords, and make sure you aren’t using the same password in multiple places. With rising security concern and data breach, having strong passwords for every account is essential for your data safety.

There are several password managers available. So, what should we choose? This question might be going through your mind. So, we’ll recommend you a good password manager, i.e., Bitwarden. Bitwarden password manager store your passwords in a vault and helps you to generate new, unique, stronger passwords which you don’t have to know or remember. With one master password, you can automatically fill up a form or password fields. It offers websites and applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, and windows. Bitwarden account also offers you a two-factor authentication on any devices you use. That is why, it is one of the best for you if you need one.

Want to explore more about Bitwarden? Read the following article, where you can know the benefits and methods to create Bitwarden account.

What is Bitwarden and what are the benefits of using it?

Bitwarden is reliable and secure password manager with various features in an affordable price. Like other password manager, it also secures your password but does not store them like others.  And it stores encrypted version of password that can be unlocked only by you. That is why, Bitwarden is one of the best password managers for you. It allows your passwords to fill automatically, so that you can effortlessly log in to the websites and apps along with maintaining strong and secure passwords. You can use Bitwarden in any devices like Windows, MacOS, and even Linux, Android, iOS, along with browser extension.

Bitwarden makes it easy to generate, and secure complex, unique usernames and passwords from any location or device. It provides added password security with two-factor authentication. Likewise, you can use its core features like Logins, Notes, Identities, Cards, access to Bitwarden on any device, a Secure Password Generator free of cost. Bitwarden also offers a Premium subscription for users who want to access extra features like advanced 2FA options, Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP), encrypted file attachments, emergency access, etc. It will autofill your passwords that saves you a time remembering that password.

Now, let’s look at the steps to create Bitwarden account freely.

How to create Bitwarden account?

If you’ve decided to use Bitwarden as a password manager, then you need to register into Bitwarden. It is very easy to sign up and create Bitwarden account. So, follow the given instructions carefully.

You can use either your smartphone or websites to use Bitwarden. Here, we’ll look at the steps by step process to create Bitwarden account from web browser.

Create Bitwarden account through Web

  1. Visit Bitwarden website.
  2. Click on Get Started button at the top-right side of the page.get started to create Bitwarden account
  3. A Create Account page will open up. Now, fill up the information like email, your name, master password, master password hint.fill the sign up form
  4. Tick on the checkbox to agree terms of services and click on Submit button.submit form to create Bitwarden account
  5. Then, you’ll receive a verification email send by Bitwarden. Click on the Verify Email button and it will take you to your web vault. (Note: You can also login to your vault at first and later verify your account)
  6. A login page will appear. Enter your email address and mater password to enter into your web vault.login to Bitwarden
  7. You’ll see an empty vault like sown in the figure. Now you can add an item and Get started with your vault

Note: Your Bitwarden account has been created and you can use it for managing the passwords. As for master password, you’ll need to write it down, keep it safe and secure because it is the main key to all accounts inside Bitwarden account. There is no reset option in case you forget your master password. Your vault is encrypted with that password and the only way to decrypt it is with the master password.

After you’ve created Bitwarden account, you can now install Bitwarden on your devices and add browser extension. You can download Bitwarden app in your mobile and login using same email address and master password. Let’s see how can we setup Bitwraden plugin.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Download tab from the top download tab
  3. Scroll down the page and tap on Goggle Chrome in Web Browser section. You can select any given web browser you use.goggle chrome
  4. An install page for browser will appear. Then, click on Add to Chrome button at the top-right side.add to chorme
  5. Click on Add extension from the pop-up window.add extension
  6. Now, you have to login to start using the browser extension. Tap on the Shield icon at the top of your browser.shield icon
    • OR, if you didn’t see Shield icon click on Extension icon at the top of your browser and click the Pin button, next to Bitwarden.extension iconpin bitwarden
  7. Click on the Log In button and login to your Bitwarden account.log in button
  8. Finally, you can add accounts and have Bitwarden to fill in the account details for you.login to Bitwarden

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bitwarden account

Is Bitwarden free?

You can sign up Bitwarden for free. You can keep using it free of cost for individual and 2-person organization account. But for Enterprise account, you’ll be given 7 days free trial. The core features are 100% free that includes Logins, Notes, Identities, Cards, access to Bitwarden account on any device, a Secure Password Generator, and more.

However, you can upgrade to the Premium account to unlock password security and management features like advanced 2FA options, Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP), encrypted file attachments, emergency access, and many more.

Can I share password in Bitwarden?

Yes, you can share password in Bitwarden. If you want to do so, you’ll have to create an organization account and invite other people to access it. Once they accept your invitation, you’ll be able to share your passwords.

Does Bitwarden work for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS?

Yes, you can use Bitwarden account in any devices, be it an android, iOS, mac, or windows. It has a desktop app for Windows, MacOS, and even Linux, a mobile app for Android and iOS, a web app, and also a browser extension. You can save unlimited number of passwords across all devices, operating systems, and browsers, and you can sync your data either through the cloud or through your local network.

What is the cost of Bitwarden?

You can use core features of Bitwraden account free of cost, whereas if you want to upgrade to the Premium Bitwarden account, you’ll have to pay $10 per year which is less than $1 per month. But, if you want to premium account for the organization account or family account, you’ll have to pay $3.33 per month. And it can be access by 6 users with unlimited sharing between them.

Is Bitwarden safe?

Bitwarden is one of the safest password managers. Its source code is freely available online to anyone, and this public scrutiny helps Bitwarden to quickly fix any security issues. Also, Bitwarden is frequently audited by third-party digital security auditors as well as independent researchers.

Which one is better, Bitwarden or LastPass?

Bitwarden and LastPass both offers same basic password management features. Bitwarden has a better free plan, an extension for more browsers, and can generate slightly longer passwords, LastPass is much better at all of the essentials, including importing, auto-saving, and auto-filling passwords.

However, when it comes to premium plans, Bitwarden offers a similar service for much less than what you’d have to pay for LastPass, making it more affordable than LastPass.

You can refer to above simple steps to create Bitwarden account by going to the website. Also, see the benefits and FAQs to know more about Bitwarden. Thus, we hope this article has helped you so far.

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