How to Create Duolingo Account?

TL;DR: You will be able to create Duolingo account with the guidance of this tutorial.

Are you interested in learning a new language? Or wondering where to start learning? You might need it for your school, or career, or you may just enjoy learning languages, or connecting with friends, or you may be going on a trip in foreign. So, you may be thinking of going to language classes, but sitting there for an hour or two sounds quite boring. Or you may not have extra time to spare for classes. Why bother to take boring classes when you can learn in your own time and place?

In this era of technology, there are many good things that have been constantly evolving, be it the internet, mobile phones, or computers. When you have to access any sort of information, they’re all we can think of. And with them, you can keep learning new things. In saying this, you can find many apps and learning tools nowadays that have made our life easier.

Talking about learning a new language, it might not be possible for everyone in this busy life to take language classes. In this case, there are many online learning platforms where you can learn multiple languages in a fun and interesting way. This e-learning app allows you to learn your favorite language as long as you’re connected to the internet. You can choose a variety of language courses wherever you are at affordable prices. The best thing about using these apps is you can schedule learning time as you wish.

You may be confused about what to choose as there are many language learning apps or websites. They may provide similar services but may have different teaching techniques. In this case, we’ll recommend a good learning app, i.e., Duolingo. Duolingo is one of the well-known and trusted platforms for learners. It offers free services with 40 different languages to learn and has features like practicing grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation using spaced repetition. Its exercises contain written translation, speaking, and reading comprehension, and short stories. If you’re a beginner, then Duolingo will be best for you.

Want to explore more about Duolingo? Read the following topics, where you can know the benefits and methods to create Duolingo account.

What is Duolingo and what are the benefits of using it?

Duolingo is a free language-learning website and app that helps users to learn different languages like Turkish, English, Russian, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, French, and Ukrainian through online mediums. It was introduced by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker in 2009 in Pittsburgh, USA. Duolingo contains exercises and vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation practices for users. Overall, Duolingo offers 106 different language courses in 40 languages. It also organizes leagues, where users can compete against their friends, and badges, are also given for completing particular objectives or any challenges.

Duolingo is easy to use, and fun to learn as it is a game-like language app and best for the casual and intensive language learner. It offers more languages than other similar apps and has a visually appealing interface. It turns your language learning experience into a game where you’re trying to beat levels. You can choose your timing for learning courses from 5 minutes or 10 minutes daily. Duolingo account offers 14 days trial for looking over the lessons and courses. However, you can still continue to learn freely even after your trial ends. That means, it is affordable and you can complete your lesson from anywhere. You can access your lessons offline, and download lessons from your app if you’ve subscribed to Duolingo Plus.

How to sign up for a free Duolingo account?

If you’ve made sure to use Duolingo for learning a new language, then the first important thing is to sign up and register into Duolingo to access the language courses and lessons. Follow the instructions to create Duolingo account.

You can use either your desktop or smartphone for Duolingo. So, in this section, we’ll look at multiple methods to create Duolingo account.

Sign Up from Windows or Mac

Creating an account from your desktop through the Duolingo website is very easy. You can do so using any modern web browser and internet connection. Now, see the step-wise instructions given below:

  1. Visit the Duolingo website on your Windows or Mac by using any web browser.
  2. Then, click on the green Get Started button from the page.get started-create Duolingo account
  3. You’ll land on the register page with languages and their country’s flags. Choose and click on the language you want to learn.choose languages
  4. Now, a page will appear asking you how did you hear about Duolingo. You can skip that part and tap on a cross sign at the top-left side of the did you hear about Duolingo
  5. A new page will open up. Hover your mouse on the U sign at the top-right corner of the page.create profile
  6. Then, click on Create a on create profile to create Duolingo account
  7. Now, fill in the required information like email address, age, name, and password, and click on Create Account button. You can also sign up using your Google account or Facebook account, which can be much faster and easier.create Duolingo account
  8. Congratulations!! You’ve created an account for Duolingo and you can start your course.

Sign Up from iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

Creating a Duolingo account from the app on your iOS devices, i.e., iPhone and iPad are pretty much similar to creating an account via a website on Windows and Mac. So, follow these steps if you want to create Duolingo account from the app on iOS devices.

  1. First of all, launch App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Type Duolingo on the search engine. Choose the first result shown on your screen.
  3. Then, download and install the app. It will take a few seconds to process.
  4. Now, press the Start learning languages button and select the language you wish to learn.
  5. Like the above steps, go to the options and search for Create a profile. Click on that button for registration.
  6. Fill in the required information i.e., email address, age, name, and password, and click on Create Account button. You can also sign up using your Google account or Facebook account, which can be much faster and easier.


Sign Up for Android devices

Android users can easily sign up and create Duolingo account by downloading the app. The steps are almost similar to above so, let’s look at them to create an account from the app on Android devices.

  1. Open Google Play Store your Android device.
  2. Then, type Duolingo on the search bar. Choose the first result shown on your screen.
  3. Download and install the app. It will take a few seconds to process.
  4. Open the Duolingo app once it’s been successfully installed.
  5. Now, click on the Start learning button.
  6. Select and click on the language you want to learn and set one of the goals.
  7. Like the above steps, go to the upper right and tap on three vertical points. Click on Create a profile from the drop-down list.
  8. Fill in the information like email address, name, age, and password, and click on Create Account.
  9. Now, you’ve successfully created a Duolingo account.

Note: You can create Duolingo account with any of these three methods. After that, you can freely enjoy the language course and lessons. Duolingo provides 14 days trial but you can use its free services as much as you want. However, if you want to learn without ads, download lessons, and progress quizzes, then upgrade it to Duolingo Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Duolingo account

Is Duolingo free?

You can get Duolingo’s free trial for 14 days. During that, you can see the lessons, and view course topics. You can still continue to use Duolingo free of cost even after your trial ends or subscribe to the Duolingo Plus to enjoy extra features.

How much is Duolingo plus a month?

Duolingo Plus is a subscription service that provides access to different Duolingo courses and content. The price for a one-month subscription is $6.99 USD.

Can I share the Duolingo account with my family?

Yes, you can share the Duolingo account with your family. Duolingo offers a Family Plan for users where the primary account holder can share a Duolingo Plus annual subscription and its amazing features with up to 5 other Duolingo users, i.e., 6 members per Family Plan. Family Plan is only for 12 months subscribers. It is an auto-renewing subscription, billed annually, and cannot be subscribed to monthly.

Currently, all free/non-Plus learners can subscribe to the Family Plan through the Android app, iOS app, and desktop/mobile web.

What is the Duolingo English Test?

It is a modern English proficiency assessment for today’s international students and institutions. The test is available online and you don’t have to make any appointments or visit a test center, you can directly take tests from your home through your computer and webcam.

The test integrates a video interview and writing sample, sent to an institution along with your proficiency score when you send your results. The time period of the entire test is one hour. Test results are certified within 48 hours, and they can be shared with an unlimited number of institutions.

How many times you can take the Duolingo test?

There is no limit to taking the Duolingo exam, however, one cannot take it more than twice in a period of 30 days.

What types of questions are on the Duolingo English Test?

Duolingo English Test paper contains a series of speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises. This portion is scored.

The second portion of the exam consists of a scored writing sample and an unscored speaking sample. In each section, the test taker will be given a prompt and must speak or write about those topics.

How to change the Duolingo account?

You can change your Duolingo account by logging into your account and clicking on the ‘Account Settings. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to update your name, email, password, and other preferences. If you need any kind of help, please contact the Duolingo support team.

You can follow the above simple steps to create Duolingo account by going to its official website, via mobile apps. Also, see the benefits and FAQs to know more about the Duolingo account. Thus, we hope this article has helped you till the end.

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