How to Create TeamViewer Account?

TL;DR: You will be able to create TeamViewer account with this tutorial.

Do you wish to have access to and control your devices wherever you need them? Or do you want to access information from your home devices in a remote area? If you’re in a similar situation, then you needn’t stress yourself. We’ll recommend you a great solution that’ll make the above situation possible. With new technological growth, everything seems possible, be it remote access to your device or extracting information from them.

There are constantly evolving good things that appeared to be a handful, for instance, remote access and remote-control computer software. With this software, you can easily access a computer and its files from a remote location. It allows you not only to access your data and information, but also have complete control over them for example, you can open, view, edit, and save those files on your device even if you’re very far from the device. This type of software also comes on handy when you’re trying to work from home, or you’re an offsite worker or traveler.

Talking about the remote access control software, you may find it quite difficult as there are much such software available nowadays. So, we’ll recommend you great software that offers you remote access to your devices with other unique features, i.e., TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a cross-platform software solution that is easy and free to use for accessing your devices and controlling them. You can connect with your friends and family in real-time and support them. Although it is free for personal use, you’ll have to pay if you want to use it for commercial purposes after 14 day’s trial.

Now, let’s look at a brief discussion on TeamViewer, its benefits, along with how to create TeamViewer account and faqs.

What is TeamViewer and what are the benefits of using it?

TeamViewer is remote access and remote-control computer software that allows maintenance of computers and other devices. It is proprietary software, but does not require registration and is free of charge for non-commercial use. TeamViewer has been installed on more than 2 billion devices and is available for smartphones, tablets, and all desktop computers with an operating system like Windows and Mac. After making a connection, the remote screen is visible to the user at the other endpoint. Both endpoints can send and receive files from online storage services like Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive as well as access a shared clipboard.

The main benefit of using TeamViewer is you can use it freely for personal use. You can log in to any remote devices of your own and control them or exchange files with them, even from and to the mobile devices, so that your information is always with you. It consists of an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with powerful remote access features. You can share sensitive files across different locations, and make communication faster and easier for remote teams with chat, video, and voice calls. Moreover, TeamViewer offers remote printing, remote chatting, and wake-on-LAN without any specific configurations. You can also conduct online training sessions with your team members for up to 25 members.

Now, let’s move on to create TeamViewer Account in the following topic.

How to Create TeamViewer Account?

If you’ve made up your mind to use TeamViewer for remote access and control of your devices, then the first step is to create TeamViewer account. You can easily sign up for a TeamViewer account, and to do so follow the given steps carefully.

You can create TeamViewer account from the management console or from the TeamViewer Client. Though the steps are the same in both of the methods, you can choose either of these two for account creation.

Creating an Account from within the TeamViewer Client

To create TeamViewer account with this method, you have to first download and install the TeamViewer client. After installation, please follow the instruction.

  1. Launch the TeamViewer client from your computer or any other device you want to use.
  2. Click on the Computers & Contacts from the left navigation panel.
  3. Then, tap on the Sign Up link, right below the Forget password link.
  4. computer & contacts to create TeamViewer accountNow a dialogue box will appear. Select Create a free TeamViewer account option.
  5. Enter the credentials like email address, password, and your name, and click on Next.create teamviewer account-step-1
  6. Again, enter the computer name and optional password to access your computer. Then, click on Next.create teamviewer account-step-2
  7. Finally, click on Finish from the dialogue box.
  8. You’ll receive an activation email within a few minutes. Go to that email and click the link to complete the account creation process.

Creating an Account from Management Console

Creating a TeamViewer account from the management console is pretty much the same as the above method. For this method, you have to go to from your device. It will take only a few minutes to sign up for TeamViewer, so follow the instruction carefully.

  1. Navigate to the TeamViewer website.
  2. Select TeamViewer Management Console at the upper right corner of the console to create TeamViewer account
  3. Then, you’ll see a Sign In page. Click on the Sign Up link on the left side.Login Teamviewer
  4. Now, enter your name, email address, and password, and select the captcha option.
  5. Hit the Sign Up button to complete the process.sign up teamviewer
  6. TeamViewer will send you an email to complete your registration, Click on the activation link and it’s done!

If you don’t receive an email from the TeamViewer, please check your spam folder. In case there is no such email, then contact and sign in once again with your email and password. After that, you can either have an option of resending activation mail or changing your email address.

You will be able to create the TeamViewer account successfully with the above methods. Now, you can use TeamViewer to access your remote devices and control them.

Note: The activation email will be valid for only one day, so as soon as you receive the email, make sure you click the link. If the TeamViewer account was not activated within this time period, the validation link of the email will expire and the error message The token is invalid or expired will appear for you. For this, you’ll have to log in to TeamViewer again and have to resend the activation email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about TeamViewer Account

Is TeamViewer free?

Yes, the TeamViewer account is free for personal use which means you can connect any personal devices at your home and help your family and friends remotely. However, it will cost you if you’re trying to use it for commercial purposes.

What is the cost of TeamViewer?

Since it is free for personal use, you’ll have to pay for business purposes. The starting price of TeamViewer is $38.90 for Business License per month, $72.90 for Premium License, and $149.90 for a Corporate License. Visit here for more information.

How much is the trial period for commercial use?

TeamViewer offers 14 days of free trial period for commercial users. After the trial ends, you’ll have to pay as per their cost per month or yearly.

Can I use TeamViewer mobile app to access my desktop?

Yes, you can use TeamViewer free mobile app to control your desktop remotely from Android or iOS devices. It seems quite difficult to control your desktop from a small smartphone screen, but it’s nice to have an option. You can connect and access your device anytime you need. However, if you want to connect to a mobile device, you’ll need the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your device instead.

How many devices can we connect to TeamViewer?

You can connect and log in to three different devices. With a Business-license, you can use TeamViewer on up to three devices to connect to remote devices (connect from one device at a time).

And for free users, you can add up to 50 devices to your computer and contact list.

How many users can connect to TeamViewer at a time?

In case, you have a corporate license, up to 15 devices can be controlled simultaneously from one initiating device. Since a Corporate license can be used from 3 devices concurrently and each device can remotely control 15 devices, you can take control of up to 45 devices at the same time on a corporate license.

Can someone access my computer if my TeamViewer is off?

No, they cannot access your device when your TeamViewer is off. There is a setting to allow unattended remote access and start at bootup. Take a few minutes to complete the steps to enable it in the settings so you wouldn’t do it accidentally. With that setting off, the remote party wouldn’t have access unless you are in front of your computer to approve their access attempt. The remote party also needs to know your computer’s unique TeamViewer ID and associated password to get to you.

You can see the above simple method and steps to create TeamViewer account from the management console or via the TeamViewer client. Also, look at the benefits and FAQs to know more about TeamViewer. Thus, we hope this article has helped you till the end.

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