How to Delete the Vimeo Account?

Do you want to get rid of your Vimeo account? Here, we will guide you till the end. Keep reading this article to delete the Vimeo account.

Vimeo is one of the popular platforms to share videos, live-streaming, and customization. It delivers high-quality video over a different range of devices. Vimeo is ad-free and earns revenue through its subscription plans for content creators, and businesses, and also by offering software as a service (SaaS). You can use it as an alternative to YouTube that caters more creative and professional crowd audience. It allows you to set your portfolio with your own branding and domain name. You can view download videos and watch them when you’re offline through Vimeo mobile app. You can easily edit your content on both the website and mobile app.

However, you might want to delete your Vimeo account for many reasons like you want to start fresh or do not want to use the video platform. So, let’s this article guide you to do so. First, know what will happen if you delete the Vimeo account.


What Happens if you Delete the Vimeo Account?

When you delete your account, you won’t be able to access your videos, contents, comments, and likes, because all of them will be permanently deleted. Your video, and comments will be removed from a public view on Vimeo. However, there may be some of your information on their internal servers for some time. It is because in case you change your mind and want to restore your account or for some legal purposes. So, you should know before deleting your account that it can’t be restored.

How to Delete the Vimeo Account?

You can easily delete your Vimeo account from their website by following these simple steps.

Deleting Vimeo Account on Web Browser

  1. Go to the Vimeo website and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon and click on Settings.vimeo settings
  3. Then, tap on Privacy on the left navigation bar.vimeo privacy to delete the vimeo account
  4. Under the Membership Plus section, click on Delete your account, next to Upgrade.
  5. Now, enter your Password and click on Delete account.confirm deletion of vimeo account

How to Delete Video on Vimeo?

Vimeo offers few more options than others. You can easily change your video privacy setting to private so that only you can protect your video or grant access to some people only. However, it might not be enough. So, if you want a permanent solution, then you can delete your videos. Follow these steps below.

Delete from the Website

  1. Visit the Vimeo website and log in to your account.
  2. From the left navigation pane, select Videos.

    videos-vimeo account
  3. Find the video you want to delete and tap on the threedotted icon underneath it.

    delete video in vimeo
  4. Now, click on the Delete option from the pop-up menu.

    confirm delete video
  5. Enter your Password and click on Delete for confirmation.

    password and confirm

Delete from the Mobile App

  1. Launch your Vimeo app.
  2. Tap on the Video you want to delete from the home screen under My recent videos. Or, Tap on Profile in the bottom-right corner.

    my recent vimeo video
  3. Under public files, select the video or you can choose it from uploaded videos under View all videos.
  4. Tap on the three-dotted icon on the far-right side of a video file box.
  5. Now, click on Settings.
  6. Scroll down on the video details and click Delete Video.

    delete video on vimeo
  7. Select Delete again to confirm the process.

    confirm video deletion

The above two methods will permanently delete your videos on Vimeo.

How to Delete Comment from Vimeo Video?

You can delete comments on your Vimeo video as they may be offending or if someone leaves bad comments. Find the comments you want to delete>Hover your cursor over that comment>Click on the Delete link.


1. How to cancel my Vimeo subscription?

Log in to your Vimeo account at first. Then, click on Account at the top. Scroll down and tap on Manage Subscriptions. A list of subscriptions will appear. Now, click on the Cancel Subscription button right next to that subscription you want to cancel.

2. What happens to my subscription when I delete my Vimeo account?

Your subscription will not be canceled automatically when you delete your account. So, make sure to cancel your subscription by following the above steps prior to your account deletion.

3. What to do when Vimeo Plus expires?

If you’re a Vimeo plus subscriber, you can watch and download videos for a year. After that, you won’t have access to do so. You can purchase a new Vimeo plus subscription to enjoy watching and downloading videos.

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