How to Delete your Goodreads Account?

Goodreads is one of the enormous social media platforms for book lovers. The users can register books and share them with reviews. This application allows its users to search its database of books, quotes, annotations, and reviews. If you want to close your Goodreads account, read through this article.

delete your Goodreads account
Goodreads account

How to delete your Goodreads account?

Deleting a Goodreads account is as simple as creating it. Once done, your account will be deleted permanently. There are two ways to delete your Goodreads account:

1. Delete your account from the application.

2. Delete your account from the website.

How to delete your Goodreads account from the application?

Follow these steps below:

1. Launch the Goodreads application on your phone.

2. Click on More at the bottom-right corner.

3. Choose Settings from the popup menu.

4. Click Settings at the top.

5. Choose Account.

6. Tap on Delete my account at the bottom.

delete your goodreads account

7. If you want Goodreads to store all your posts as anonymous, turn on the toggle. Tap Delete my account.

8. Confirm your account deletion by tapping “Yes, delete my account.“

delete your goodreads account-1

How to delete your Goodreads account from the website?

Follow these steps below:

1. Log in to your account on

log into goodreads account

2. Tap on your profile at the top-right corner.

profile of goodreads account

3. From the menu, choose Account Settings.

account setting of goodreads account

4. On the right side, click on Delete my account below your profile picture.

delete your goodreads account

5. To confirm, click on Delete My Account.

delete account

6. A popup window will appear and click OK to confirm your account deletion.

Therefore, we hope you were successful in closing your Goodreads account permanently.

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