How to Add New Hotmail Account in Mobile Device?

For all the Hotmail users who are still loyal to the service, here is another useful content, especially for you. There may have been times where circumstances made you forget, or any scenario of having a new mobile phone, whether it may iPhone or android may have led you to lose your Hotmail account on your smartphone. Well, not to worry because we will be discussing some simple and easy steps that will guide us through a smooth path to your problem’s solution. The following content will help you to add new Hotmail account on a mobile device.


  1. Well, it’s pretty evident that smartphone users specifically, the android users have their Gmail accounts on their phones. So, go to your menu and select your Gmail app like in the given picture.
  2. As you will be entering your Gmail account, click the three horizontal lines in the left corner. Now click ‘Settings’ as shown in the image below:
  3. Click ‘Add account,’ like in the picture below:
  4. You will see various options of accounts from among which click ‘Outlook, Hotmail, and Live’ to move forward.
  5. This step requires you to go through the sign-in process for your Hotmail account. You need to put your Hotmail address and click ‘Next.’
  6. Enter the password of your Hotmail account in the blank space and click ‘Sign in.’ And if you want to avoid entering the password log in every time you sign up, then click ‘Keep me signed in.’
  7. To move ahead, read the agreement page and let the app access your info by clicking ‘Yes.’
  8. Again, put your email address in the designated space where you see ‘Account name.’ Type your name in the field where ‘Your name is written. Then, click ‘Next.’
  9. Congrats, your Hotmail account has been added to your android smoothly. It may take a few moments for adjusting and verifying the settings. So, now you can enjoy the Hotmail service and send or receive emails from your contacts.


  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ from the menu and click ‘Passwords & Accounts.’
  2. Click ‘Add Account’ as you are in the process of adding your ‘Hotmail account’ on your iPhone.
  3. Here, you will see various accounts to add to your iPhone. So, click your target the ‘’ to add your Hotmail account on your iPhone.
  4. As you get directed to the login page of Outlook, enter your Hotmail address like in the given picture and click the ‘Next.’
  5. Enter the designated password of your Hotmail account and then click ‘Sign in.’ In the case of defaulting the option of entering the password every moment when you sign in, you can click ‘Keep me signed in’ and get rid of putting the password every time while logging in.
  6. Read the statements carefully and let the app access your account. Move forward by clicking ‘Yes.’
  7. Click on ‘Save,’ which is at the top right corner to allow access to the apps, as shown in the image below.
  8. Finally, you have successfully added a new Hotmail account on your iPhone. You can send or receive your emails through this account as you enter the ‘Mail’ mobile app on your iPhone.
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