How to Create LastPass Account?

TL;DR: You will be able to create LastPass account with the help of this tutorial.

Are you having a hard time remembering your passwords? Or do you wish someone to fill up passwords whenever you log in to your accounts? Well, if you have a similar concern like this you don’t have to worry anymore, because we have a perfect solution for you. In today’s context, passwords are the most ubiquitous form of authentication on the internet. You probably know that you should have a strong, unique password for every online account you have.

It is difficult to generate and remember passwords for every account you login into. Also, it is not secure enough to use the same passwords for multiple accounts. Even if you manage to create different passwords, it is hard to manage them all. However, there is one way you can constantly safeguard your passwords, i.e., Password Manager. A password manager helps you to securely store passwords, automatically generate strong and unique passwords, and manage them. It can help you seamlessly oversee and handle all of your login credentials for any online account, and maintain airtight password security.

A password manager is an encrypted digital vault to store password and login information securely that you use to access apps and accounts on your mobile device, websites, and other services. Likewise, to keep your identity, credentials, and sensitive data safe, the best password managers must have a password generator to create strong, unique passwords, and make sure you aren’t using the same password in multiple places. With rising security issues and identity theft, having strong passwords for every account is a must to ensure your data safety.

You may be confused about what to choose as there are several password managers available nowadays. In this case, we’ll recommend you a good password manager, i.e., LastPass. LastPass stores your existing passwords in a central location and helps you to generate new, stronger passwords that you never have to know or remember. With just one master password, you can autofill a form or password field. LastPass offers websites and applications for Android, iOS, and windows. LastPass account offers two steps so whenever you need to enter your single master password, you will get the second authentication on your phone (or another device of your choice).  So, even if the master password is exposed you are still protected. That is why LastPass is best for you if you need one.

Want to explore more about LastPass? Read the following article, where you can know the benefits and methods to create LastPass account.

What is LastPass and what are the benefits of using it?

LastPass is a popular freemium password manager for storing encrypted passwords online. It is widely popular among web users as it provides encrypted and safe password managing services. It allows syncing across different devices. Users can use its services if they have multiple accounts and cannot remember account credentials. LastPass disables the browser setting and allows users to automatically save passwords in the browser. However, its popularity is decreasing as many web browsers and antivirus programs provide a similar type of features. LastPass will create new passwords for you, store information like PIN codes and membership IDs, and fill in addresses and credit card forms.

LastPass password manager will help you with your daily activities by improving the overall security of your online work. It helps you to cut down your time spent on typing, remembering, and creating new passwords that instantly log you in to the sites you want to browse. LastPass will automatically fill the password, stronger than your manually written passwords. And the best part of it is, that you don’t have to remember passwords for your next login. Moreover, your password will be saved in the vault that will fill up your username and password for you. Not only this, you can even share passwords with others. LastPass offers 30-day free trial, but you can still continue to use its free features. You can upgrade to the Premium LastPass account whenever you want at just $3 per month, billed annually.

How to sign up for a free LastPass account?

If you’ve decided to use LastPass for managing passwords then you need to register into a LastPass account. It is very easy to sign up and create LastPass account. So, follow the given instructions to create LastPass account.

You can use either your smartphone or websites to use LastPass. Here, we’ll look at the steps by step process to create LastPass account from the browser.

Create LastPass Account through Web

Creating an account from your desktop through the LastPass website is very easy. You can do so using any modern web browser and internet connection. Now, see the step-wise instructions given below:

  1. Visit the LastPass website on your device by using any web browser.
  2. Click on Get LastPass Free button on the top-right side of the page.create LastPass account
  3. A Create an account page will open up. Then, fill out your email address, and master password as per requirement, and confirm the master password.
  4. Click on the Sign Up- It’s Free button.sign up LastPass account
  5. Now your LastPass account will be created. A screen will appear to confirm if you want a browser extension. Click on the Install LastPass button.create extension
  6. A Chrome web store will open where you have to tap on Add to Chrome if you’ve used Chrome for signing up.add to chrome
  7. Click on Add extension from the pop-up window.add extension
  8. Signing for LastPass is almost complete. Now, at the top-right corner you’ll see the LastPass icon, click on LastPass icon
  9. LastPass login prompt will appear. Enter an email address and the master password you just created and click on Log In button.login to lastpass account
  10. Again, click on one of the sites to access it and save your first password or just tap on Remind me Later.Remind me later
  11. Finally, click on Let’s Go to open or you can tap on I’m Done.


Note: Now you can freely use LastPass for generating and managing your password. You can log in into your mobile app if you want easy access to your passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about LastPass account

How to securely share a password?

You can share a password or other item like a username or Secure Note with another LastPass user by using the Sharing Center. This will notify your recipient, which then allows them to accept the shared password. Read more on How do I share an item?

Can I access LastPass account when I’m offline?

Yes, once you configure your account for this. Any LastPass web browser extension, desktop app, or mobile app can be logged into without an Internet connection and will default to offline mode when no connection is present if allowed to do so. You just have to enable offline access for your account from within its Account Settings using the Multifactor Options tab. You can also set up your mobile app to handle an offline login. For step-by-step instructions, visit How do I permit access to my vault?

How to generate secure passwords?

LastPass can be used to both store and generate secure passwords. You can generate a secure password by doing any of the following:

  • Using the in-field icon – Click the Generate Password icon in the Password field.
  • Using the web browser extension – Click the LastPass icon then click Generate Secure Password.
  • From within your Vault – Click the LastPass icon then select Open my Vault. In the left navigation, go to More options > Advanced > Generate Secure Password.

Note: Please, read Generate a Secure Password for step-wise instruction. You can also view the video Generating a Password.

Is LastPass free forever?

You can use LastPass Free for as long as you like. As a new user, when you sign up for Free, you also get a 30-day trial of LastPass and can upgrade to Premium anytime you want.

Can I use the mobile app for the LastPass account instead of the web?

Yes, if you’ve downloaded the LastPass app on your mobile phone, you can definitely use it to generate and manage passwords. LastPass is available in both web and app versions, so you can use either of them.

How long is LastPass free trial?

When your Premium trial ends, you’ll still have access to LastPass Free features. Upgrade to Premium at any time for just $3 per month, billed annually.

How to cancel automatic renewal for LastPass Premium?

You can cancel the next upcoming renewal of your LastPass Premium subscription plan whenever you want. Once your plan expires, your account will downgrade to a LastPass Free account, and you will lose access to LastPass Premium features. Don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can reactivate your LastPass Premium subscription whenever you’d like. If there is still subscription time left, it will be reinstated when you reactivate.

You can export your passwords and stored data before canceling. Also, the cancellation steps are different and depend on whether you’ve purchased LastPass through a website or mobile device.

You can follow to above simple instructions to create LastPass account on the website. Also, see the benefits and FAQs to know more about the LastPass account. Thus, we hope this article has helped you so far.

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