How to Delete a PlayStation Account?

Are you looking to delete a PlayStation account and don’t have any idea how to do that? Then, this article might be helpful for you. You can see the ways to delete a PlayStation account.

PlayStation is a popular gaming platform where the user needs to download games from its online store. PlayStation is introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, initially released in Japan. If you’re using PlayStation, then PSN (PlayStation) account is a must. Users are allowed to control their accounts; however, they cannot access some controls. If you’re thinking of deleting an account, you must know that PlayStation does not give provision to delete your account by yourself. The reason for this is a lot of data is linked to your account that is hard to manipulate affecting other users.

So, keep reading this article to learn how to delete a PlayStation account.

What happens when you Delete a PlayStation Account?

When you delete your PlayStation account, you’re ranking for a particular game and all your data will be removed. Also, many other users may be affected by this. Deletion of your account is permanent and cannot be restored like other accounts, so first, make sure that you really want to delete it. You won’t be able to use PSN Online ID to make a new account. Moreover, all the purchases you’ve done along with the subscriptions will be gone. Also, you cannot transfer your purchased contents. Your refunds will be as per the PlayStation Store cancellation policy. Last but not the least, your PSN wallet will be lost and fund transfer will not be allowed.

How to Delete a PlayStation Account?

If you’ve thought it through, then follow the steps to delete your PlayStation account.

  1. Log in to your PlayStation account with your user id and password.
  2. Go to the Help section and select Account Management.

    help section-delete a playstation account
  3. 3. Then, tap on the PlayStation4 option.

    playstation4 option
  4. Now, choose My Account & Security and click on it.

    my account & security-delete a playstation account
  5. Tap on Create, Close & Change under My Account & Security.

    create, close and change
  6. Click on Close my account.

    contact team-delete a playstation account

Follow the process shown on your screen for the next steps. You will need to contact the support team. You can either email them or call and have live chat in order to delete your PlayStation account. You will need to provide your Online id and email address to the support team. It will take about 10 minutes to verify and delete your account. Hence, it is quite a difficult task to delete the PlayStation account but the right process can help you to get rid of it.

Can you restore PlayStation Account?

The account deletion is permanent and you cannot restore your PSN account again. So, think twice before you delete the account. You can no longer access your data and all the games, achievements, purchases will be lost after deletion.

You’re not allowed to delete your PSN account directly from the website, so make sure you follow the above steps very carefully. Thus, we hope this article will help you to get rid of your PlayStation account.

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