How to Delete your DeviantArt Account?

DeviantArt is one of the largest online platforms that features artwork, photography, and videography. It allows artists to make new friends and support each other. This application offers various fresh and exciting content from traditional paintings, digital art, pixel art, anime drawings, and more. You can also share your art.

If you wish to take a break from this artistic platform, we’ve got your back. In this article, we will guide you to delete your DeviantArt account.

 delete your DeviantArt account
DeviantArt account

What happens when you delete your DeviantArt account?

When you close your DeviantArt account, your profile, journals, and deviations will be deleted. You cannot use the same username for another account. Your current account won’t be deleted, but you can only log in and view your purchase activity. Also, you cannot transfer your remaining balance point and participate in the DeviantArt community.

How to delete your DeviantArt account?

DeviantArt does not allow its user to delete their account permanently, but they can permanently deactivate their account. This means your profile will remain on the server. Follow these steps to deactivate your DeviantArt account permanently:

1. Log in to your account on


2. At the top-right corner, hover to your profile and select “Account Settings.”


3. From the left panel, select “Deactivation.”


4. Click on “Yes, Deactivate my account.”


5. A popup window will appear, type in your password, and click on “Yes, send me the verification email.”

confirm deactivation

6. You will receive a confirmation email from DeviantArt in your registered account and click on the DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT.


7. A new tab will open in your browser, and click on “Yes, deactivate my account.”


8. From the dropdown menu, select a reason for deactivating your account. Click on Confirm.


Your account will be permanently deactivated after 21 days of the account deactivation request. If you wish to reactivate your account, reactivate it after 48 hours of account deactivation and within 21 days of account deactivation.


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