Outlook 2 Factor Authentication

Sometimes becoming double sure is more appropriate than just being on a fence with a single assurance. As technology has made the day to day communication process more comfortable and quick, but there is a need for privacy and secrecy too. However, there is always a solution to any problem. The Outlook 2 Factor Authentication or Two-Step Verification makes it hard for any unidentified personnel to go through your mails. Users of Hotmail service can use this to protect their accounts and make them more secure.


  1. First of all, go to hotmail.com and complete the login process.
  2. As you enter your Outlook mailbox, click the profile icon on the right side of the top corner. You will see ”View Account” icon. Click it.
  3. As demonstrated below, you will notice several icons on the top of the screen. From among those icons, click ‘Security.’
  4. Now click ‘More Security Options‘. If you are setting this for the first time, then the Microsoft team may ask for the verification, and you need to enter your password again as per the instructions. And again you will be back to the page.
  5. You will witness the ‘Additional Security Options‘ where you can see the ‘Two-step verification,’ and just right below it is the blue-colored subtitle ‘Set up two-step verification’ you have to click on it.
  6. Your Two-step verification gets started. Click ‘Next.’
  7. Following that, you have to verify your identity. You will get options to verify yourself with ”An app”, ” A phone number” and ” An email”. In this article, we have used email as an option, but you also have a choice to add your phone number as your verification of identity. If you don’t want any Microsoft Authenticator app, then click cancel and move forward.
  8. After you select ”An email’‘ as an option in the previous step, now input your email and click ‘Next.’
  9. The Microsoft team will send you the code in your email. Enter the code in the designated space like in the picture and click ‘Next.’
  10. Immediately, your Two-step verification turns on; just read the information carefully and click ‘Next.’
  11. There will be other options for your ”Two-step verification” as you can choose to have sync on your android, iPhone, and blackberry phone. Even you can avoid those options and go clicking ‘Next.’
  12. For example, if you choose to sync with your iPhone, click ‘I sync my Outlook.com email on an iPhone.‘ Now you will get the instructions like in the demo picture which is very simple and easy. Unlock your iPhone and follow the instructions to sync your phone.
  13. Even though if you do not choose any of the options for the sync with your phone, then clicking the ‘Next’ will get you here like in the demo picture. If you need an app password, then you can click on ‘learn more about how to set them up’ but if you want to avoid it, then click ‘Finish.’ Finally, you have successfully activated your ‘Two-step verification.’
  14. In any case of you willing to ”Deactivate the Two-step verification,” you can sign in to your Hotmail account like usual. Then, go to your security options, which have been discussed previously in the steps 2,3,4,5. After following the steps instructions, under ‘Additional Security Options’ you will see something like in the given picture. Now, click ‘Turn off two-step verification.’
  15. Immediately, you will get a pop-up message which asks you to reconfirm the deactivation. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm it and your ‘Two-step verification’ of Hotmail account will be deactivated. But if your mind changes then you can opt to click ‘No.’
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