How to Recover LastPass Account?

TL;DR: You will be able to recover LastPass account with this tutorial.

Did you lose access to your LastPass account? Or, are you having trouble finding a solution to recover LastPass account? Well, as we’re aware that LastPass is a password manager that securely stores and encrypts all your passwords, PINs, and other essential digital data for you. And yes, it saves you time and you don’t have to remember passwords all the time. But imagine what happens when you lose access to your LastPass account. It is the same as losing your house keys or forgetting the password of your phone, and you try everything until you find them. So, in what situation, do you recover LastPass account? Let’s explore it briefly in this article.

The account recovery arises when you forget your LastPass master password. As a LastPass user, you sure do know the importance of a master password, without which you can lose access to LastPass. And if you’ve been using LastPass to create long random passwords for all of your accounts, you really don’t want to lose access to your vault, right? So, what if you forget your master password? It is required when you log in to your LastPass account where all your passwords are saved. And if you forget the main entry point, then it is useless to keep your account active. You’ll lose access to your vault and other LastPass features.

What steps to take if you forgot master password? Or, how to recover the master password and gain access to my account? Or, what can I do to recover LastPass account? You may have all these questions in your mind. Well, this might seem hard, as LastPass doesn’t store your master password. Since they don’t have it, it is not possible to think that LastPass will send you the master password or make a new one for you. So, what should you do? The answer is simple, you can choose to recover your LastPass account to regain access to your vault and reset your master password.

Now, let’s see how the LastPass account recovery works and how it is different so you’ll be prepared if the above situation arises.

how to recover LastPass account
LastPass Account

How does LastPass account recovery work?

Account recovery is another name for resetting your LastPass master password. The only option to reset your master password is to go through the LastPass account recovery. You should know that your LastPass master password is your encryption key to your vault. Account recovery allows LastPass to use secure, local data on your device to confirm your identity and facilitate the re-encryption of your vault with a new master password.

LastPass offers two ways to recover your account, either from the desktop/laptop computer or from your mobile phones/smartphones/tablets. So, the steps will depend on what method you choose for account recovery. At first, let’s look at how account recovery from the desktop is different to account recovery from mobile.

How Account Recovery is different on Desktop and Mobile?

If you’re using a desktop computer, you’ll have to use the one-time recover password method, stored in the browser extension to reset your LastPass account. LastPass browser extension will automatically create and store a one-time recovery password when you try to log in. To begin, you have to click on Forget password link on the login page to open the account recovery page. You’ll receive a link in your email and after clicking on that, it activates LastPass to find that local recovery one-time password. Once located and used, you’ll be able to create a new master password and regain access to your vault.

Or, if you’ve set SMS account recovery initially, they’ll send you a texted code in place of the emailed link. Using that code, you can again reset your master password.

However, if you’re using LastPass mobile app on your iOS device or android, the account recovery process is a little different. Instead of codes and emails, you’ll have to use biometrics stored on the device in order to reset the master password. Remember you must have biometrics enabled on your device and opt into mobile account recovery prior to using the account recovery process. In case you did not set up mobile account recovery in your LastPass mobile app before forgetting your master password, account recovery will not work. However, if you did complete those steps in advance, tap the forgot password option on the mobile app. After which, LastPass will prompt you to enter your FaceID, TouchID, or fingerprint swipe. Once the biometric data is confirmed, LastPass will prompt you to enter a new master password.

Methods to Recover LastPass Account

You will have to do the following things in order to successfully recover your LastPass account in case you forget your master password.

  1. Set up SMS account recovery. Click here to read more.
  2. Install the LastPass browser extension on your browser.
  3. Enable mobile account recovery as per your mobile device (Android/iOS devices).
  4. Enable Emergency Access so a trusted contact can help to recover your vault if you’re unable to.
  5. Do not use security or cleaning software, which can delete local data stored by LastPass for recovery and the LastPass extension. Even if you have that software, make sure you whitelist LastPass so that the one-time recovery password won’t be deleted.

The account recovery process from Desktop

If you’re using a desktop computer, please follow these instructions carefully to recover your LastPass account.

  1. Go to the LastPass login page.
  2. Click on Forget Password? link.
  3. Enter your email address and tap on Send Hint button.
  4. You’ll receive an email that contains words you’d set up as a clue to remind you of your master password.
  5. Try logging in to LastPass again if your hint helps you to remember your master password.

If the hint doesn’t help you, then follow the below account recovery steps.

  1. Visit LastPass account recovery.
  2. Enter your LastPass account email address and click on Continue.
  3. The next step will depend on how did you set up account recovery:
    • If you enabled SMS recovery initially to reset a forgotten master password, LastPass will sends a 6-digit verification code to your mobile device. Enter the code, then click on Verify, then proceed to Step 4.
    • If you did not enable SMS recovery but had enabled a security email, LastPass will send an email to your secondary security email address (or your account email, if you didn’t set up a secondary email), and you can continue by clicking the link in the email., then proceed to Step 4.
  4. Then, select Click to Recover Account.
  5. Click Yes to use a one-time password for account recovery.
  6. Now, click on OK to proceed (if it shows Account Recovery has been detected and that you must immediately change your master password).
  7. Enter a new master password as per instruction and a password hint (recommended), then click on Confirm.
  8. Again, click on OK to proceed with logging out.
  9. Finally, log in using your new master password.

Note: Your LastPass account recovery has been successfully completed. Now, you can log in and access your LastPass account using a new master password.


The account recovery process from Mobile

If you’re using LastPass mobile app, then the recovery process is pretty much simple and easy. If you forgot your master password, you can start the account recovery process using biometrics based on your device:

Account recovery on iOS

Before you begin, you must have downloaded the LastPass app, and set up Face ID or Touch ID on your iOS device. Follow these instructions to reset your master password using biometrics:

  1. Open the LastPass app on your iOS device.
  2. Select Trouble logging in? on the login screen.
  3. Then, choose Forgot Master Password.
  4. Click Recover Account.
  5. Now, select Recover with Face ID or Recover with Touch ID.
  6. Look at your device while holding it in portrait orientation if you’ve selected Face ID or Touch the Home button to scan your fingerprint if you’ve selected Touch ID.
  7. Complete the multi-factor authentication if you’ve enabled it on your account and click Next.
  8. Now, enter a new master password, confirm it, and also set a password hint.
  9. Select Set Master Password.
  10. Again, click on Login and enter your email address and new master password, then click on Log In.

Account recovery on Android

Before you begin, you must have downloaded the LastPass app, and set up Touch ID on your Android device. Follow these instructions to reset your master password using biometrics:

  1. Open the LastPass app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on Trouble logging in? on the login screen.
  3. Then, choose Forgot Master Password.
  4. Click on Recover Account.
  5. Click on Recover with Fingerprint if you’ve set up Touch ID for account recovery.
  6. Now, touch the fingerprint sensor on your device to scan your fingerprint.
  7. Complete the multi-factor authentication if you’ve enabled on your account and click Next.
  8. Enter a new master password, confirm it, and also set a password hint.
  9. Again, click on Set Master Password.
  10. Tap on Go to Login.
  11. Enter your username and new master password, then click on Log In to access your account.

Note: After this process, you can create a new one-time recovery password on trusted devices in case if you’ve to recover your LastPass account again in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about LastPass account recovery

What if I am Unable to Recover My Master Password?

If you’re a LastPass Enterprise user, you won’t be able to recover the master password by recovery options. In this case, you should contact the DoIT Help Desk to reset the master password. Also, for this to option to be available, you must have recently logged into your Vault using a LastPass browser extension.

If you are a LastPass Free or LastPass Premium user, you will have to reset your LastPass account by visiting Remember, this will preserve your LastPass account, but remove the contents of your LastPass Vault. You will need to resave your passwords and secure notes.

Do we need to change the LastPass master password often?

Yes definitely, you’ve to change your LastPass master password often like every 30 days. You should create strong a password you can remember and also set up a password hint. You should choose to make passwords long, use multi-factor authentication, and make security questions random.

Does LastPass store your master password?

LastPass stores an encrypted version of a master password.

Does LastPass store passwords in the cloud?

Yes, LastPass stores password in the cloud, but they are encrypted with a master password that only you know. It means that your passwords are safe and secure, even if someone else gains access to your LastPass account.

Why can’t I recover my LastPass account?

It may be due to a few reasons. The most common reason is if you have not verified your email address. To recover your account, you must verify your email address. If you have not received the verification email, make sure to check your spam folder.

The next reason why you’re not able to recover your account is if you have forgotten your master password.

What to do if I can’t recover the master password?

The last option you’ll have is to Reset your account and start over again. This permanently removes all your stored encrypted data within your LastPass account, but some settings and your account status will remain as it is.

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